Did you know? 

  • Cardiovascular Disease has the highest level of health-care expenditure of any disease group in Australia.
  • Cardiovascular Disease effects 3.4 million Australians - 17% of the population.
  • Cardiac work related injuries are one of the highest workers compensation claims costs as reported in the WorkCover SA statistical review.  Average claim clost $31,814 and $39,139 average income claim cost.
  • The World Health Organisation reports that workplace health promotion programs targeting physical inactivity and unhealthy lifestyle habits are effective in improving health related outcomes such as obesity, diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease risk factors. 

The CHG 20 Minute Healthy Heart Check 

20 min assessment including testing, analysis and counselling of body composition, blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesteraol (HDL & Risk ratio included with the most accurate point of care analysis system available in Australia) and heart health using the LDX Cholesterol System.

Each individual will receive a booklet containing their results and strategies to help them improve their health and wellbeing. 

Measurable items during 20 minute assessment include: 

  1. Height
  2. Weight (BMI included)
  3. Waist girth
  4. Hip girth (Waist to Hip ratio)
  5. Blood Pressure (risk of heart disease)
  6. Blood Glucose levels (diabetic risk non-fasting)
  7. Blood Cholesterol levels (HDL levels and cholesterol ratio non-fasting)
  8. Cardiac Risk Rating based on results 


"I have lost almost 7 kilos since the health assessment.  I have achieved this by diet and exercise.  I have purchase an exercise bike and do 15-20 mins per day plus sit-ups.  I have also started eating more fruit and veg, and have cut out sweets from my diet.  The CHG Healthy Heart Check was just the motivation I needed.  Thank you CHG - I can't wait til the next one to see my improvement."

Delivery occurs onsite in your workplace by prior arrangement between the employer and the CHG Health Promotion team.  Contact them here

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