Medical Specialists – Occupational Physicians

Occupational physicians are specialists in providing an independent expert opinion about a person’s reported injuries and disabilities, the worker’s fitness to perform certain work duties or the work-relatedness of a worker’s condition. An occupational physician can:

  • provide an independent opinion on a person’s condition, diagnosis and prognosis
  • assess capacity for work
  • review treatment, comment on its appropriateness and recommend future treatment needs

This can be performed in isolation or as part of an inter-disciplinary evaluation used to determine aspects of personal injury claims.

CHG has an experienced team of highly trained occupational physicians that can provide specialised advice regarding the health of workers and employers, work injuries and occupational medicine.

Why use an occupational physician?

Occupational physicians are specialists in the field of occupational medicine which focuses on prevention, identification, management and treatment of health conditions and rehabilitation. An occupational physician can operate at a level beyond the individual worker and can consider potential impacts across a workplace population, the holistic work environment and the “health” of the company.

The knowledge, training and skills of occupational physicians distinguish them from other medical practitioners, particularly in the following areas:

  • high level of exposure to a wide range of worksites and work-practices
  • training to assess work practices and the potential health effects on an individual worker
  • specialised understanding of best practice, evidence based approaches to workplace injury management
  • experience in management of patients within their work and social environment, not just within a medical model
  • expertise in clinical decision-making and cost effective management of injured workers and sickness absence.

Occupational Physician Services

Occupational physicians consider medical issues within the wider context of their psycho-social and industrial frameworks, and are central to effective communication with workers, employers, treating medical experts, agents and insurers.

In addition to providing independent expert opinion, CHG’s occupational physicians can provide a wide range of services. See our webpage on Occupational Physicians to find out more about our services and our experience.

Contact the team at CHG on telephone (08) 8352 9800 or email us to find out how a CHG occupational physician can meet your needs for an independent expert opinion and can add value to your organisation’s approach to injury prevention and injury management.

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