Psychological Assessment

The CHG team of psychologists have the expertise and experience to provide an Independent Expert Opinion by conducting a psychological assessment in a medico-legal context.

Whether the matter is referred by solicitors – acting for the plaintiff or defendant – or by an employer or insurer, CHG can undertake an independent assessment of the person’s psychological condition and their psychological capacity for work.

What is a psychological assessment?

A psychological assessment is undertaken by considering information gathered from multiple sources, including reviewing available clinical records and a structured clinical interview regarding medical and personal history. The psychologist is then able to conduct a range of assessments depending on the individual’s presentation and reason for the referral. Assessments may include; personality, intelligence, and vocational interests and abilities.

Why use a psychological assessment

A psychological assessment can be used to: 

  • assist with providing a diagnosis and the level of dysfunction associated with this diagnosis 
  • assess a particular area of high or low functioning
  • identify suitable employment options or factors that should be considered in employment
  • assess psychological fitness for work.

To find out more, contact the CHG Consultancy Team on (08) 8352 9800 or email us.

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