Drug & Alcohol Services

Alcohol and drug use in the workplace is a significant issue facing employers, and if left unmonitored and unmanaged can lead to loss of productivity, increase rates of injury and spiralling costs. Studies estimate that:

  • alcohol and other drugs result in costs from lost productivity and absenteeism of over $2.9 billion
  • drug-related workplace accidents cost approximately $1.3 billion - half of which is borne by employers
  • alcohol and other drugs are a contributing factor in approximately 9% of work-related fatalities in South Australia.

CHG can help you reduce these risks and protect your business and your people with a complete suite of services to identify and manage drug and alcohol usage in the workplace.

Drug & Alcohol

Policy and Advisory Services

The first step in addressing drug and alcohol usage in the workplace is for employers to establish a policy framework. Developed in consultation with employees, an effective workplace policy needs to clearly set out expectations and responsibilities.

CHG has the experience and capability to work with employers on all aspects of policy development. CHG can tailor an approach to suit the specific needs of the workplace. 

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CHG has the experience and capability to provide any, or all of the following advisory services:
  • best practice research on workplace drug and alcohol management
  • review of existing workplace policies and culture
  • strategic advice about methods for consultation with staff and workplace OHS Committees, or actual facilitation of the consultation process
  • development of the written policy documents
  • strategic advice about policy implementation and roll-out to staff, or actual facilitation of the roll-out
  • review of policy framework at defined intervals.

Other services provided by CHG can also assist employers with the management of alcohol and drugs in the workplace. CHG Employee Assistance Programs can help employees deal with situations such as substance abuse and addiction, or can help with stressors that may be contributing to the use or abuse of alcohol or drugs.

Manager Assist can help managers deal with the conflict or difficult workplace situations that may arise from enforcement and breaches of the alcohol and drug policy.

Pre-employment and On-site Drug Screening

A urine drug screen (UDS) can be conducted as part of the pre-employment medical process, random drug screening or drug screening for cause programs.

The tests implemented by CHG screen for five classes of drugs - opiates, amphetamines, cannabis metabolites, cocaine metabolites and benzodiazepines.  There are two options available – site screens and laboratory testing.

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When an initial site screen is used an instant result is provided showing whether the candidate or employee is positive or negative for the five classes of drugs. This is followed by laboratory confirmation. The alternative option is for all specimens to be sent directly to the laboratory for testing.  A positive/negative result will then be available in 24 hours.

An alternative to urine screening is Oral Fluid (Saliva) testing which has a 24 hour window of detection for amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, cannabis, opiates and PCP (angel dust). This also provides an instant result as to whether the employee or candidate is positive or negative to a drug class, and a positive test is referred to the laboratory for confirmation testing. Oral fluid is a less invasive test and is recommended for random drug screening of employees.

CHG has the capability, experience and alliances with national pathology companies to meet any alcohol and drug testing requirement that employers may have.

Drug and Alcohol Management Training

CHG is a Registered Training Organisation that provides tailored training courses and education programs in the areas of workplace safety, injury management, human resources and workplace health promotion.

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Drug and alcohol screening

CHG offers a one-day nationally recognised training package for workplace personnel who conduct drug and alcohol screening. Training participants are issued with a Statement of Attainment, having gained knowledge and skills in:

  • legislation relevant to drug and alcohol screening and fitness for work
  • the key elements of an effective policy, procedures and workplace substance abuse program
  • understanding different classes of drugs and their effect on human function and safety at work
  • the various options for drug and alcohol screening, and the pros and cons of each
  • practical skills in undertaking drug and alcohol screening, including urine testing and oral fluid (saliva) testing
  • actionable steps to establish a new drug and alcohol testing program or to review an existing program

Tailored training options

The CHG team of experienced and qualified trainers can partner with employers to design and deliver a range of training programs to manage drug and alcohol use in the workplace. These training courses can include discussions on the dangers of workplace drug and alcohol use, the ways in which a drug and alcohol policy can be implemented and enforced, or the way in which staff who deal with the general public can respond effectively and safely to people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

CHG has the flexibility to deliver training programs that meet the specific needs of an employer – ranging from one hour to half day seminars, or “tool box talks” that engage with staff on the shop floor.

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