Pre-employment Medical Assessments

Pre-employment medical assessments are an important part of effective recruitment and workforce management. Candidates can have a pre-employment medical conducted at any of CHG’s three clinics – Mile End, Gillman and Elizabeth Vale.

Pre-employment medicals are undertaken to identify any health issues which may affect a person’s ability to safely perform the job they are being considered for. The assessments can be specifically tailored to the specific job demands the person will face in the workplace.

The pre-employment medical is conducted by experienced medical practitioners and will be tailored to the employer’s requirements and can include:

  • detailed occupational and medical history
  • multi-system examination – musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory assessments.
  • urine drug screening
  • audiometry
  • spirometry
  • E.C.G
  • visual screening

Following the assessment, a report describes the candidate’s suitability to perform the particular tasks of the job and whether any restrictions or limitations need to apply.  See our contacts page for the details of the clinic closest to you.

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