Spirometry – which means the measuring of breath – is the most common test of lung function. Spirometry measures the amount (volume) and speed (flow) of air that can be inhaled and exhaled from the lungs and is an important tool in monitoring lung function changes over time and for diagnosing certain respiratory conditions. It is specific to a person’s gender, height, age and race.

Spirometry can be undertaken as part of a Pre-employment Medical Assessment to screen for certain respiratory conditions that may impact on a candidate’s ability to safely do the job. It is also important to establish a baseline respiratory function so that an employee’s lung function can be monitored over time to determine whether any occupational exposures are impacting on lung function.

Spirometry can be conducted at any of the three CHG Clinics at Mile End, Gillman and Elizabeth Vale. It can also be conducted onsite if necessary for large scale screening.  Please see the contacts page for your nearest clinic.

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