Registrar of Motor Vehicles

Drug and alcohol dependency assessments

CHG is the South Australian Government’s approved supplier for conducting drug and alcohol dependency assessments for motor vehicle licence reinstatement.

We are SA’s sole provider of DASSA assessments

CHG has been approved by the South Australian Government to conduct assessments of alcohol and drug dependency for the purposes of driver licensing.

It is the decision of the Licensing Registrar at the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (Registration and Licensing) to request the assessment. If the Registrar requests this assessment, it is the responsibility of the individual to pay for and arrange the assessment.  It is your choice to undertake the assessment. Registration and Licensing rely on assessment outcomes to make licensing decisions.

Please note: CHG is now the sole provider for these licensing assessments in South Australia. CHG is a private enterprise and is not a government department.

Booking in for an assessment – what you need to know

DASSA assessments are conducted at our clinic in Mile End.

A booking is required.  Once payment is received, and a booking is made, a confirmation letter will be provided to you detailing where you need to go for your assessment and what you need to bring.

The assessment process is conducted in accordance with the Assessment Guidelines developed by Drug and Alcohol Services of South Australia (DASSA). It includes the following:

  • Testing related to alcohol or drug assessments, which may include a Breathalyzer, blood test or urine drug screen
  • An assessment by a registered nurse
  • A medical examination by a medical practitioner

A determination of dependency takes approximately two weeks (from appointment date) following which the Registrar of Motor Vehicles is notified of the outcome. You will also receive a copy of the assessment outcome.

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