Our History and Capabilities

About CHG History
In 2016 CHG proudly celebrated 40 years of creating and maintaining safe and healthy Australian workplaces.

At CHG, we have continuously evolved our services to meet the changing needs of businesses and their people. While our values, our vision and our approach to business are all embedded in our history, they are also nurtured to continue to grow over time.

About Medical Clinic
Responding to the significant social reform occurring in the 1970s, including the introduction of the Workers Compensation Act, Dr John Wyett developed the concept of operating specialised clinics to undertake initial management and rehabilitation of injured workers.

He established the first Industrial Clinic in Mile End (1976), soon followed by two more clinics located in Port Adelaide and Parafield.

A comprehensive certification process incorporating early return to work options for partially incapacitated injured workers was established to address employer’s feedback and concerns about doctor’s certification practices. The philosophy of the clinics was to provide prompt and effective treatment, specific certification, familiarisation and liaison with employers.  Pre-employment medical assessments were introduced and promoted extensively.

The response to the Clinics was overwhelming.

This success resulted in the rapid expansion of the concept throughout South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.

Since 1976, CHG has expanded our range of services significantly with the ultimate goal of providing our clients with the full continuum of care from recruitment to retirement.

CHG remains the only South Australian provider to offer a truly comprehensive suite of services in health promotion, education, training, injury prevention and management.

We are proud to work in partnership with our clients to deliver sustainable solutions as a one-stop shop for everything a business needs to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Our Capabilities

We can help you make a difference in people’s working lives.

For over 40 years, CHG have operated a highly successful and sustainable occupational health business. Over this time, we have gained extensive experience in the management of medical and allied health personnel and facilities and have worked with more than 10,000 large, medium and small employers across Australia, delivering primary health care services, injury management and occupational rehabilitation in both clinic-based and workplace settings.

We continue to partner with our clients to make a difference in people’s working lives by improving well-being, preventing injury, increasing health and safety awareness and restoring and maintaining health.

We provide a continuum of care to support employers and their people by helping to create a safe and healthy workplace throughout the employment lifecycle:

Before you employ your people

We offer specialised and tailored assessments to support employers with your most important recruitment decisions. Our pre-employment assessments can help determine a candidate’s ability to safely and productively perform the demands of the job, a crucial first step in injury prevention for your future workforce.

Develop and manage your people

As a Registered Training Organisation, we offer a variety of training courses and education programs across a wide range of areas related to workplace safety, injury management, human resources and workplace health promotion. The programs CHG offer can be tailored to a business’ specific needs to help with workforce development and management.

Keep your people healthy and safe

Providing a safe and healthy workplace sends a clear message to employees that you value them and their wellbeing. Ensuring a healthy and motivated workforce and providing best-practice injury prevention are critical to business success. Working in partnership with employers, CHG deliver a tailored approach to health promotion and injury management to keep your people healthy and safe.

Restore your people to health and work

Many factors contribute to a worker’s response to a workplace injury. Supporting the specific needs of each worker and employer are central to our tailored approach to injury management. CHG use an evidence-based approach ensuring the best application of the latest research, enabling the right decisions to be made in the care of any injured worker. CHG offer the very latest in specialist equipment, facilities and know-how affording the highest quality in service provision.

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CHG’s continuum of care: we partner throughout the employment cycle.