Drug & Alcohol

Drug and alcohol screening, programs, consultancy and training

Minimise the significant risks that alcohol and drug use in the workplace can cause with screening, training and advice.

Be informed about alcohol and drug use in the workplace

CHG is able to help with your workplace drug and alcohol policy testing and support requirements. We offer a range of services, including:

  • Onsite testing
  • In-clinic testing
  • Consultancy advice regarding the implementation of policies and screening programs
  • Drug and alcohol awareness training sessions
  • Drug and alcohol policy implementation training for managers
  • Collector training
  • Support for individuals
Alcohol and drug testing when you need it

Our team of accredited Collectors conduct the drug and alcohol screenings/testing and our alliances with national pathology companies enable fast delivery of laboratory confirmation testing.

Drug and alcohol testing options include:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Random on-site drug screening
  • Drug screening for cause programs
  • Drug and alcohol dependency assessments

Testing can be done at a CHG clinic or at your worksite using either urine drug screening or oral fluid (saliva) testing, depending on your testing requirements. Onsite screening will provide an instant non-negative or negative result, with initial non-negative result specimens sent to the laboratory for confirmation. Alternatively, all specimens can be sent directly to the laboratory for testing, with initial results available after 24 hours. Confirmation results for either method normally take about 72 hours.

Testing can be conducted to screen for the following:

  • alcohol,
  • opiates,
  • amphetamines,
  • methamphetamines,
  • cannabis and cannabis metabolites,
  • cocaine and cocaine metabolites,
  • benzodiazepines and
  • PCP (angel dust).

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