Health Surveillance

Monitor the health status of your team and workplace

Health monitoring is undertaken to mitigate the risk to workers’ health, because of exposure to a hazardous substance or hazardous work, to ensure control measures are effective. Health monitoring also provides an opportunity to strengthen preventative measures and reinforce safe work practices.

CHG’s health surveillance programs help you monitor your team’s health status, to identify any changes as a result of occupational exposure. Our occupational physicians will work with you to plan, implement and evaluate a health surveillance program tailored to your specific workplace’s exposures and risks.

Our health surveillance programs are useful for organisations operating in a wide range of industries including any organisation with staff who:

  • May be exposed to hazardous substances such as chemicals and biological agents
  • Work in workplaces with noise levels at or above 90 decibels
  • Perform duties outdoors or spend long periods of time working in the sun
  • Are exposed to dust particles, smoke or other airborne substances
  • Work in confined spaces
  • Engage in high-risk work

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