Hazardous Substances

Monitoring and management of occupational exposure to hazardous substances

Plan, implement and evaluate a hazardous substances monitoring program tailored to your workplace’s specific exposures and risks.

Understand and monitor the hazards relevant to your team and worksites

Establishing a program to periodically monitor workers subject to exposure to hazardous substances such as chemicals or biological agents is critical to ensuring the health and safety of your team. Employers have responsibilities to ensure the correct application of statutory requirements relating to work processes, material handling and storage as well as environmental monitoring.

Expertise tailored to your situation’s specific needs

CHG’s team of occupational physicians have expertise across every aspect of hazardous substance monitoring and management. We design assessment and monitoring programs specific to the situation, ensuring testing is not ‘one-size-fits-all’ but relevant to the specific hazards to which individuals are exposed.

CHG can assist employers with all aspects of a hazardous substances health monitoring program including:

  • Identifying hazards
  • Reviewing historical health monitoring results and exposure intensity data
  • Identifying appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and work practices
  • Conducting baseline and periodic assessments
  • Analysing assessment results to identify trends and make recommendations about frequency of periodic testing or changes to selection standards
  • Rapid identification and evaluation of the toxic substances most used by industries via a sophisticated chemical database
  • Implementation of specific protocols for workers who come into contact with a wide range of potentially hazardous substances including lead, mercury, pesticides, isocyanate resins, asbestos, nitrated explosives and organic solvents

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