CHG offers screening, monitoring, hearing conservation programs and noise surveys to reduce the risk of work-related hearing loss

Long-term exposure to excessive noise can cause permanent damage.  CHG provides advice to help you manage your noise risk, prevent worker hearing loss and measure and monitor worker hearing.

Hearing loss remains the most compensated work-related disability in Australia. 

CHG’s full suite of testing, monitoring, hearing conservation programs and noise surveys are overseen by our experienced audiologist and can be tailored to your needs.

Service options include:

  • Noise surveys
  • Pre-employment audiometry assessments to establish a baseline level of hearing
  • Annual or biennial screening audiometry assessments
  • Hearing conservation programs
  • Tympanometry assessments
  • Hearing compensation assessments for noise induced hearing loss evaluation
  • Testing specific to license requirements
  • Noise trauma counselling emergency service for sudden noise exposure or acoustic trauma

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