Audiometry Assessments

Measure and monitor your candidates’ and employees’ hearing with audiometry assessments.

Long-term exposure to excessive noise can cause permanent damage, and noise induced hearing loss remains the most compensated work-related disability in Australia.

That’s why audiometry assessments are an important part of both pre-employment medical screenings and ongoing employee health monitoring.

CHG’s hearing assessments help you understand and monitor your teams’ hearing to prevent hearing loss and limit liability for possible future claims.

Establish baselines and monitor hearing over time

Pre-employment audiometry assessment – These assessments can form part of the standard pre employment medical performed at any of the CHG Clinics.  If a loss is indicated, further testing will be performed and a percentage hearing loss calculated.  Establishing a baseline level of hearing is an important step in limiting liability for possible future hearing loss claims.

Screening audiometry assessment – This is a basic hearing assessment used to give an overall indication of a person’s hearing status and is available at any of the CHG Clinics or can be arranged for onsite as part of a broader employee health assessment program.  Where a loss is indicated, our trained staff can do further testing to accurately assess the loss of function.

Audiometry assessments are available at any of our three clinics – Mile End, Gillman and Elizabeth Vale.  Screenings can also be conducted onsite at your premises if larger scale screening service is required or if you wish to pair the assessment with a noise survey.

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