Noise Surveys

Identify noise hazards and protect against hearing loss at work

Identify noise hazards, determine the risks to hearing and get recommended solutions and management action advice with our noise surveys.

It is a mandatory requirement for workplaces to review noise levels at or above 90 decibels, and is recommended when noise levels exceed 85 decibels, making noise surveys an integral part of any occupational hearing conservation program. Our qualified Noise Control Officer  can help with taking samples of noise from all areas using a quality sound level meter.  The process commences with an initial walkthrough to identify ambient noise levels exceeding 80dB(A). If the noise levels are 80dB(A) or higher, the recommendation will be that a more extensive and detailed noise survey be performed.

Undertake a noise survey at your workplace

CHG recommends you consider engaging our Noise Control Officer to undertake a noise survey if your workplace:

  • wants to improve noise management
  • requires benchmark data about noise levels
  • has recently installed new equipment or extended floor space
  • has received any complaints about noise from employees or neighbours
  • wishes to increase noise awareness and provide instruction to workers about ear protection
Pair your noise survey with audiometric screening

CHG’s noise surveys can be paired with audiometric testing to ensure a comprehensive hearing conservation program is established and sustained. The results and analysis of the noise survey are reported back to you with recommendations.

Improve your workplace

The CHG Noise Control Officer can:

  • identify noise hazards,
  • conduct noise assessments,
  • identify operational improvements,
  • recommend personal hearing protectors and
  • recommend management action and risk mitigation measures.

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