Lung function assessments

Measure and monitor your employees’ lung function.

Establish baselines and monitor lung function over time

Exposure to dust particles, smoke, asbestos and other airborne substances may affect your workers’ lung capacity. Likewise, certain pre-existing respiratory conditions may impact a candidate’s ability to safely perform a job. That’s why spirometry assessments (measuring of lung function) are an important part of both pre-employment medical screening and ongoing employee health monitoring.

Convenient testing tailored to your needs

CHG’s spirometry assessments measure the amount (volume) and speed (flow) of air that can be exhaled from the lungs, specific to a person’s gender, height, age and race. The assessments can be used in establishing a baseline respiratory function, monitoring lung function changes over time and diagnosing respiratory conditions.

Our spirometry assessments can be conducted at any of our three clinics – Mile End, Gillman and Elizabeth Vale.

The assessments can also be conducted onsite at your premises if larger scale screenings are required.

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