Executive Health

Executive health assessments

Executive health assessments examine the current health and risk profiles of your executives, helping keep them in better shape to help your business grow.

CHG Executive Health Evaluations from CHG on Vimeo.

Keep your key executives in peak condition

Executive health assessments can help create a robust snapshot of your executives’ current health and detect issues early. The assessment and consulting process creates a strong baseline, helps to identify any health or lifestyle risks and can help motivate change to establish long-term improvement.

Professional, personalised and evidence-based approach

CHG’s executive health assessments have been helping deliver positive health outcomes to executives from leading Australian organisations for over 10 years. Our professional and experienced team create a personalised health portfolio including a detailed report and can assist with follow-up and liaison with your GP.

Our unique “Health Horizon Scan” program creates a holistic health portfolio by incorporating a full medical history, physical examination and risk assessments focused on identifying:

  • cardiovascular and lung disease,
  • cancer,
  • diabetes,
  • lifestyle issues and
  • mental health risks.

Results are kept private and confidential.

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