Pre-Employment Psychological Screenings

Pre-employment psychological screenings can work in tandem with medical and functional assessments as a part of the recruitment process to help you create a more complete view of your candidates.

Identifying the right candidates goes beyond physical capability

Pre-employment psychological screenings are undertaken to help potential employers ensure the candidate has the right personal attributes and skills to succeed in the role and the organisation. Assessing a candidate’s intelligence, personality, aptitude and skill level can be as important to successful recruitment as ensuring the person is physically suited to the demands of the job.

Tailored to help you match the right people to your needs

CHG’s pre-employment psychological screenings are conducted by our psychologists using a range of assessment tools to assess cognitive function, numeracy, literacy, resilience or personality factors. We also offer return-to-work suitability assessments conducted in accordance with equal opportunity legislation to screen for current symptomology arising from disorders such as depression, anxiety or personality disorders.

Our team will design a psychological screening tool using the most appropriate assessments to identify the candidate’s ability compared to the characteristics and skills needed for the role.

Our screenings can assess:

  • intelligence,
  • emotional intelligence,
  • personality traits,
  • aptitudes and skills,
  • problem solving,
  • leadership and communication styles and
  • adaptability.

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