Activities of Daily Living

Assess a person’s ability to undertake routine, daily self-care tasks

The purpose of a CHG activity of daily living assessment (ADL) is to reduce the impact of an injury on a worker, to facilitate their early return to normal activity.  An ADL can also provide an indicator of functional tolerances for determining work capacity.

When is an ADL assessment needed?

An ADL assessment may be required:

  • after a worker has suffered a serious injury
  • if a worker is struggling to maintain their independence because of their injury
  • if there is a risk that a worker’s everyday activities may aggravate their injury
  • to plan for a worker’s return home following major surgery.

ADL Assessments are conducted by CHG’s experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Evaluations are generally conducted in the person’s home.

Assist and inform the rehabilitation process

As a part of the activities of daily living assessment, the evaluating therapist can:

  • Determine the level of functioning related to personal care, recreational and social activities
  • Educate the person on how to safely perform particular tasks
  • Assist increasing functional ability through a graduated home activity program
  • Offer recommendations for any equipment or appliances that will assist with daily tasks
  • Evaluate whether housing modifications are necessary
Objective, evidence-based assessments for use in legal proceedings

The CHG inter-disciplinary workforce of health professionals can provide independent, expert assessments for use in legal proceedings arising in the areas of compensable medicine. The assessments will detail current capacity, limitations and the person’s ability to undertake activities of daily living. The resultant reports can be used to commence or progress legal proceedings related to the person’s condition or disability including in instances related to workers’ compensation or motor vehicle accidents (e.g. comprehensive third party insurance).

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