Fitness for Work

Fit for work assessments

Ensure all workers are fit for work.

Minimise risk by ensuring workers are fit for work

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012, employers have a duty to provide a safe work place, safe systems of work and to mitigate risks in the workplace. To achieve this, reasonable steps must be taken to ensure all workers are ‘fit for work’ to minimise any risk to themselves or others.

Fitness for work assessments can assist in this process, helping to determine:

  • If an employee with a non-work related injury or illness can safely perform their role.
  • on a periodic basis, if an employee is medically and/or physically fit to safely and sustainably carry out their duties.
  • If a worker is physically and psychologically able to perform their tasks in a manner which does not compromise their safety of the safety of others.
  • If a worker is affected by drugs or alcohol.
Tailored to your needs

CHG offers a wide range of fit for work assessments to help employers mitigate risks.

The assessments are conducted by our team of specialists who will ensure that we understand the work requirements and can accurately test a worker’s fitness for work. Assessment options include:

  • consultation with a medical practitioner or occupational physician
  • functional capacity assessment
  • psychological assessment
  • drug and alcohol assessment
  • multi-disciplinary assessment

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