Functional Capacity

Undertake a series of standardised tests to assess a worker’s functional capacity for work and safely match a worker’s capacity to their job

Functional capacity evaluation’s offer critical insight into the worker’s capacity and can be used anytime functional matching is required, such as:

  • during recruitment, to determine a candidate’s ability to perform the work
  • throughout employment, to evaluate the worker’s ongoing suitability to the physical demands of their work
  • post injury, to identify a worker’s capacity
  • throughout rehabilitation, to evaluate the progress of an injured worker and inform the return to work plan/return to normal duties.

We use state-of-the-art functional testing equipment known as BTE-ER to assess the current functional capacity of your worker. This assessment equipment offers numerous applications, versatility and computerised integration providing unparalleled assessment capabilities.

We can perform functional capacity evaluations measuring:

  • a person’s carrying, lifting and work demand capacities,
  • static strength of any body part, and
  • full body range of motion.
Tailored to your needs

CHG’s functional capacity evaluations can be conducted at any of our three clinics – Mile End, Gillman and Elizabeth Vale.

Each functional capacity evaluation is tailored to determine a worker’s abilities over a range of physical demands specific to their job in order to facilitate functional recovery.

The assessments are conducted by our team of physiotherapists and occupational therapist who will ensure that we understand the work requirements and can accurately test a worker’s suitability.

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