Independent Medical Examination

Independent expert opinions

Specialists in providing independent expert opinion assessments for return to work, medico-legal and motor vehicle accident claims.

The expertise and experience to provide an independent expert opinion

CHG has an experienced team of occupational physicians who examine injured person’s and provide independent advice regarding their health status or work injury. Our occupational physicians provide independent expert opinion assessments within the wider context of the psycho-social, occupational and industrial frameworks. An independent medical examination (IME) can be performed in isolation or as part of an inter-disciplinary evaluation depending on the requirement. IME’s can include assessment of:

  • occupational medical issues,
  • functional capacity, and
  • activities of daily living.
Independent medical opinion on an injured worker’s condition, diagnosis and prognosis

Depending on your requirements, CHG can provide independent medical examinations assessing:

  • reported injuries and disabilities,
  • a worker’s fitness to perform certain work duties,
  • the impact a worker’s job role has on their medical condition,
  • a worker’s capacity for work,
  • appropriateness of current treatment and
  • recommendations for future treatment needs.

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