Permanent Impairment

Permanent impairment assessments (PIA)

Assessment and report regarding whether a person’s injury has resulted in a permanent impairment; and if so, evaluate the degree of whole person impairment.

Evaluate the degree of whole person impairment

If a person has a permanent impairment resulting from an accident or injury, their compensation case must be reviewed by an accredited impairment assessor. A referral is usually made once the injury has stabilised. Impairment assessors are medical practitioners accredited to assess injured persons and prepare assessment reports in accordance with the impairment assessment guidelines.

CHG PIA reports will outline:

  • whether the injury has reached maximum medical improvement,
  • whether the person’s injury has resulted in an impairment,
  • whether the impairment is permanent, and
  • the degree of whole person impairment resulting from the injury.
Accredited assessment and reporting

CHG’s occupational physicians and pain management specialists are accredited by Return to Work SA to undertake permanent impairment assessments (PIA). The PIA and report are performed in line with the South Australian Government Return to Work Scheme Impairment Assessment Guidelines, and/or the Injury Scale Value (ISV) for motor vehicle accident claims.

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