Vocational Assessment

Identify suitable employment and set realistic vocational goals to help people find or return to meaningful employment.

Even with the best treatment and injury management, not all workers are able to return to the same job or workplace following a workplace injury. CHG’s team of qualified psychologists have extensive experience in conducting vocational assessments to identify potential job options in these situations.

Our psychologists can help employers and returning workers by conducting assessments to identify potential vocational options.

Tailored vocational assessments to meet your unique needs

Assessments are tailored to each situation and can include:

  • Clinical evaluations, including interviews
  • Review of the individual in terms of:
    • Physical, functional and work capacity
    • Personal and vocational history, including educational background and work experience
    • Cognitive ability and intelligence
    • Aptitude, including reasoning skills and ability to process auditory and visual material
    • Competencies
    • Work values and motivation
    • Job interests or preferences
    • Applicable supplied medical documentation and consideration of physical and mental medical factors
  • Evaluation of training or re-training requirements and options
Written reports to assist your decision-making

A summative report is provided following the assessment which:

  • outlines vocational options most suited to the individual based on the findings of the assessment,
  • notes any personal attributes or clinical findings that may impact on the employment process and
  • takes into consideration the availability of the recommended positions including retraining needs and labour market conditions.

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