Job Analysis

Objectively analyse the demands of a job

A job analysis objectively assesses the physical, psychological, environmental and cognitive demands of specific work tasks.

We typically undertake a job analysis when the physical demands of a job are unknown or when it is unclear which workplace duties are suitable for a specific worker.

Develop a job dictionary

Use a job analysis to develop a job dictionary: a compilation of the physical demands of all jobs within your organisation.  Once developed, a job dictionary  can be used as an integral part of effective injury prevention and management programs. CHG job dictionaries are written in clear, easy to understand text and include photographs from your workplace to clearly illustrate work postures and environment.

Identify suitable duties for a returning worker

A job analysis can be an important step in the return to work of an injured worker.  The job analysis will clearly establish the physical demands of a job, and this information combined with outcomes of an assessment of the worker’s abilities will enable suitable return to work duties, including alternative duties, to be identified.  The CHG therapist will provide a report summarising the findings and recommendations of the service.

Prevent injuries and minimise risk

The CHG physiotherapist or occupational therapist conducting the job analysis /job dictionary will provide a report containing, where needed, recommendations to:

  • modify tasks or task procedures,
  • purchase/install aids or equipment,
  • develop a graduated return to work program for the worker

CHG psychologists can conduct a psychological job analysis to survey the cognitive demands of a job role, and conduct psychometric testing to determine the suitability of an individual to that role.

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