Workstation Assessments

Ensure your office workstations are ergonomically set up to maximise productivity and comfort, and minimise risk of injury.

Promote and improve working postures of your computer based office workers with a holistic workstation assessment considering the physical, cognitive, social, organisational and environmental factors impacting office desk and workstation set up.  The evolution of standing and sit-stand workstations has provided employers with a wider range of potential solutions to address the health concerns associated with our sedentary office work demands.

Protect against workstation-related musculo-skeletal problems

Continual information technology advances allow us to perform more and more of our office based tasks from our desks; making us sit for longer periods and hold continuous static positions.  Two major causes of aches, pains and injury while are your desk are

  1. Doing the same thing too often with a part of your body (repetitive)
  2. Holding the same position for too long with a part of your body (static)

Our ergonomists will review the set up and design of workstations in your workplace, making changes and recommendations to maximise the effectiveness of your team. We can also provide basic workstation assessor training tailored to your requirements at your site.

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