Manual Handling and Manual Task Safety

Protect your team from musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace

Manual handling and manual tasks are known to be major causes of musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace.

That’s why CHG offer manual task safety training to help reduce injuries from manual tasks by providing workers with knowledge and practical skills.

Our manual task safety training will provide participants with ‘foundation’ knowledge regarding the health and safety effects of unsafe manual tasks. All training is delivered by a registered allied health professional or health promotion consultant. Training is structured to suit your industry, worksite and objectives and generally offers participants the opportunity to:

  • Basic WH&S responsibilities
  • Fundamentals of manual handling, manual task safety and the risk control hierarchy
  • Personal responsibility requirements to be physically prepared for work demands
  • Learn the core principles of safe manual handling (including the risk control hierarchy)
  • Be shown the application of these principles through examples relevant to their duties
  • Have practical opportunities to apply these principles to tasks relating to their relevant work area

Training is most likely to change worker behaviour when customised to the job demands of the workers.

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The training can be delivered in a classroom-style setting or as a mix of classroom and practical application and will be tailored to your needs.

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