Train the Assessor: Office Ergonomics and Workstation Assessments

Empower key members of your team to create a safe workstation culture in your workplace

Ensuring that your team’s workstations are correctly setup using sound ergonomic practices is not only your responsibility but one of the best ways to protect them from injury. Having team members trained to act as workstation assessor within your workplace can help you ensure that everyone has a safe working environment.

To help, CHG offer ‘Train the Assessor’ training on office ergonomics and workstation assessments.

This training will provide participants with the skills to take on the role of being a workstation assessor. By building on participants’ existing foundation knowledge of ergonomics, this training will provide relevant core information and practical application opportunities to enable skills to be utilised in your workplace. Participants will learn:

  • Fundamentals of anatomy and physiology
  • Fundamentals of ergonomic practices in the workplace
  • How to conduct workstation assessments
  • How to source modified or alternate equipment
  • How to identify when further intervention is required

All training is delivered by an experienced professional with knowledge gained from many types of workplaces. Training can be further structured to suit your industry, worksite and objectives.

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This training is delivered as a mix of classroom-style training followed by practical application.  It is best delivered in small groups of no more than 8. This training has been developed by CHG.

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