Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Educate your team to better appreciate the risks of drugs and alcohol use

Organisations implement drug and alcohol policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Some employees, however, may not understand the broader negative effects of drugs and alcohol. This can lead to resistance to comply with company policy.

That’s why CHG offer drug and alcohol awareness training for your entire workforce.

The training will provide participants with an understanding of the short and long term health risks of drug and alcohol use to create an appreciation for the rationale behind your organisation’s drug and alcohol policy and procedures. Participants will learn:

  • Short and long-term health risks of alcohol consumption
  • Short and long-term health risks of drug use
  • Fundamentals about a range of stimulants and depressants, including their health risks
  • How the organisation’s drug and alcohol policies are designed to protect all workers
  • How to access support

All training is delivered by an experienced professional with knowledge across many types of workplaces. Training can be further structured to suit your industry, worksite and objectives.

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This training is delivered classroom-style and can be delivered at your workplace. Training can be customised to reflect your workplace policies and environment.

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