Drug and Alcohol Management

Training for managers, supervisors and leaders about drugs and alcohol

To effectively ensure that drug and alcohol policies and procedures are being followed within your organisation, you rely on your team of managers, supervisors and leaders.

That’s why CHG offer drug and alcohol management training with specialised content for this team.

This training includes content from the Drug and Alcohol Awareness training, plus supplementary information relevant to leadership roles. Participants will learn:

  • Emerging trends and potential workplace effects
  • Drug and alcohol testing protocols
  • Skills to recognise signs and symptoms in team members
  • Intervention strategies
  • How to implement a drug and alcohol program in the workplace

The option for a custom module explaining your organisation’s own drug and alcohol policy is also available. This module is aimed at improving participants understanding of your unique policy, to enable them to appreciate their responsibilities in relation to that policy in the workplace. The module includes discussion about responsibility, accountability, an overview of procedures and how participants can support both peers and workers.

All training is delivered by an experienced professional with knowledge across many types of workplaces. Training can be further structured to suit your industry, worksite and objectives.

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This training is delivered classroom-style and can be delivered at your workplace. Training can be customised to reflect your workplace policies and environment.

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