Promote Health and Wellbeing

Ensure the wellbeing of your team

At CHG, we are committed to helping you improve the overall holistic health and wellbeing of your workforce. Our team of health consultants, mental health first aid instructors and registered psychologists can assist by working with you to raise awareness across a wide range of health and wellbeing topics.

All training can be adjusted to meet your needs, with a focus on helping workers to better understand psychological and physical wellness as well as providing practical advice to help them care for themselves to improve their performance.

Training can be delivered in a range of formats to best suit your needs, including:

  • Large group, seminar-style for awareness raising presentations
  • Workshops for specific work groups or teams, or for applicable participants on specific topics
  • Small group training, ideal for leaders, managers and supervisors

Most training topics can also be conducted with a tiered delivery, where shorter sessions are provided to larger groups to improve general awareness followed by longer specialised workshops  for small, targeted groups, including leaders, managers and supervisors.

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