Building Resilience

Workplace training to assist your team bounce back after challenges

There are stressors inherent in every job, with common triggers including an increasing workload, working with people with difficult behaviours, dealing with organisational change and managing emotionally challenging situations. Learning to be resilient enables your team to better handle these and other stressors.

That’s why CHG offer training in building resilience for your entire team.

This short course explores a range of practical ideas and techniques to help build resilience and deal with stressors in a positive and healthy manner.  Supplementary training relevant to leadership roles with a focus on building resilient and successful teams is also available. Depending on duration, the session will include:

  • About resilience and the difference between stress and distress
  • Symptoms of stress, personal triggers and developing skills to improve their capacity to ‘bounce back’
  • Common factors that cause imbalance in their lives
  • How to balance their lifestyle, including wellbeing strategies for work, life and spirit
  • How to build their emotional intelligence
  • How to build their own Personal Resilience Action Plan

All training is delivered by an experienced professional with knowledge across many types of workplaces. Training can be further structured to suit your industry, worksite and objectives.

Need this training?

This training is delivered workshop-style and can be delivered at your workplace. Training can be customised to reflect your workplace policies and environment.

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