Support your team by providing early care to manage minor injuries

CHG provides medical and physiotherapy services to help employees manage non-work related injuries or minor complaints, minimising the impact on their physical capacity at work and home.

Early treatment makes a significant difference to recovery time

Similar to an employee assistance program for psychological issues, CHG early intervention programs provide employees with treatment, exercises and self-management strategies to manage a physical injury or discomfort. The service usually includes one medical consultation and up to four physiotherapy treatments at a CHG clinic.

Once the program is established by the employer, an employee who has incurred an injury but has not lost time from work due to the injury, may request an early intervention service and the fees will be paid by the employer.

CHG’s early intervention program is designed to:

  • Promote health and wellbeing of team members.
  • Provide employees with the opportunity to receive quality medical and physiotherapy advice / treatment for injuries or complaints early after injury/pain presents.
  • Limit the number of worker’s compensation claims.
  • Encourage early injury reporting.
Manage minor injuries and health complaints before they escalate to major problems

The program is not intended to replace the worker’s compensation process, but rather manage minor complaints from progressing to the point where they become compensable.

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