Rehabilitation exercise programs to improve recovery and health at CHG’s Mile End clinic

A key component of managing an injury is ensuring active involvement in rehabilitation and CHG ensures that active rehabilitation and work conditioning is a core component of our injury management strategies. CHG offers gym and hydrotherapy services from the Mile End clinic, which boasts a hydrotherapy pool and gymnasium facility. All services are provided under the direction and supervision of a team of experienced physiotherapists and are tailored to the need of the individual. Onsite shower, change rooms and parking are available.

CHG is able to provide supervised gym and hydrotherapy programs for patients under the care of external medical and allied health providers.


The gymnasium is equipped with multiple cardiovascular exercise options such as treadmills and bikes to suit individual’s needs.  Pin-loaded weights machines provide safe, graded strengthening options that can build muscle strength.  The gymnasium is also equipped with a range of Pilates apparatus.  The Pilates exercises can be used as a stand-alone program or integrated into a more general strengthening program.

Our gym also houses the Multi Cervical Rehabilitation Unit (MCRU).  This unit is the only one of its kind in South Australia.  The MCRU provides diagnostic information for patients suffering long-term neck complaints (such as whiplash).  It is able to measure neck muscle strength and range of movement and can provide a safe, targeted strengthening program.


Hydrotherapy involves supervised exercises in a heated pool. The temperature and buoyancy of the water can help reduce both muscle spasm and pain. This enables the individual to perform exercises that improve strength, flexibility and stability which may be more difficult when performed through weight-bearing exercises on dry land. These exercises can prove beneficial for lower back pain, osteoarthritis, balance issues, pre/post operation management, weight loss, injury management and chronic health conditions such as diabetes.  The therapeutic benefits are muscle relaxation, reduced effects of gravity and improved balance and core stability. It can also aid in circulation.

The pool has easy access and graded depths, allowing patients to work at an intensity level that suits their needs.  The deeper part of the pool is particularly effective when working on more active rehabilitation exercises.  The pool has twin swim jets that can be used to increase resistance or provide turbulence for high-level exercises.

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