Professional services to help your people return to work successfully

The return to work process following an injury or incident can be stressful for the individual, their team and the broader organisation. CHG helps organisations with the return to work process by providing a range of professional services to ensure the most effective transition possible.

CHG’s team of qualified clinical, occupational and organisational professionals have extensive experience assisting employees and employers through all stages of the return to work process.

We offer a holistic approach to return to work and can adapt our offerings to the needs of each unique situation. Our return-to-work services include:

  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Return-to-work job analysis assessments
  • Work conditioning and vocational assessments
  • Occupational therapist and physiotherapy services, including work hardening through gym and/or hydrotherapy
  • Psychology services for post-injury care including post-traumatic stress and pain management

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