Healthy Wellbeing
Physical and psychological wellbeing programs for your entire workforce

Wellbeing is integral to a holistic approach to workplace health safety.  Health and wellbeing have been recognised by the Australian Productivity Commission to be a feature of greater effective labour force participation and productivity. Providing a safe and healthy workplace sends a clear message to employees that you value them and their wellbeing.

CHG provide a holistic and integrated approach to physical and psychological wellbeing, thanks to our multi-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals.

We have experience designing and implementing innovative, best-practice programs across a wide range of areas. Our team can work with you to design wellbeing programs to assist with injury prevention and management, increase workplace productivity, boost the overall health of your team and encourage healthy habits.

Return on investment

CHG wellbeing programs provide:

  • reduction in worker absence and illness
  • improved productivity and decreased presenteeism
  • employer of choice
  • reduction in workplace injuries and compensable claims

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