New CHG Service – InBody Scan!

CHG are continuously looking to improve our services, and are pleased to present to you, our InBody Scanner!

This scanner uses state of the art body composition analysis to monitor your health, reach your fitness goals, and improve your quality of life.

Using an InBody Scanner, you can find out your:

  • Body Comp Analysis (total body water, protein, minerals and body fat mass)
  • Muscle-Fat Analysis (weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass)
  • Calculated Analysis (BMI, Percent Body Fat)
  • Segmental Lean Analysis (R and L Arm, Trunk, R and L Leg)
  • Body Water Analysis
  • Weight Control
  • Body Balance Evaluation
  • Segmental Circumferences
  • Visceral Fat Level
  • History (comparison between previous scans)

This service will be included in all Executive Health Evaluations, as well as being available for all clients including Empowering Health and Fitness members.

If you would like to book a scan for yourself or find out more information, please contact us today!