The Link

CHG’s online health and wellness program

Track and improve the health profile of your employees by offering an innovative online resource combining the latest innovation in wellbeing strategies and technology.

Access to online health assessments and trusted wellbeing resources

CHG’s online health and wellbeing platform known as The Link helps workers make positive health changes while increasing their productivity and engagement. The Link is an effective health promotion resource informed by CHG’s experts and more than 20 years of experience delivering face-to-face solutions.

The Link can pair with your full health and wellbeing program or be subscribed to as a stand alone service.  The Link offers a range of benefits, including:

  • 24/7 access
  • Visibility of your organisation’s entire Health and Safety Program
  • Encourages employee engagement
  • Promotes personal responsibility for individuals’ wellness journey
  • Ongoing engagement through a fresh and relevant communications strategy driven by CHG

You can join The Link through a membership model or your business can partner with us to customise your own online health platform.

Please contact us for a free trial, to obtain further information or to customise an online program for your workplace.

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