Onsite Influenza Vaccinations

Onsite Influenza Vaccinations

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Preventing the flu from entering you workplace will reduce absenteeism, maintain productivity, protect vulnerable households and contribute to your reputation as being an employer of choice.

Seasonal influenza affects thousands of people every year and accounts for up to 12% of all sickness absences at work. Can your business afford this loss of productivity?

Protect your team from the flu

Studies have shown that providing a workplace based influenza vaccination program delivers health and economic benefits for both workers and employers. In our own 2009 study, CHG surveyed 120 companies involved in the vaccination program and 70% reported a reduction of flu-related illness.

AS a long standing provider of workplace flu vaccinations, we have extensive experience in planning and delivering seasonal influenza vaccination programs. We have developed a robust National Influenza Program framework, based on existing clinical protocols, procedures and risk management systems, which allows us to effectively deliver influenza vaccinations to evewn the largest scale needs. In 2016, we worked with over 425 employers conducting work site vaccinations to almost 15,000 workers over a 3 month period.

Qualified nurses will administer vaccines onsite at your workplace

For a fixed price per person, our qualified nursing team will travel to your workplace and undertake the necessary pre-screening and administration of the vaccine.

CHG’s nurses are fully qualified Registered Nurses with immunisation training, CPR certificates and First Aid certificates.

We can also provide promotional material to promote participation in your onsite influenza vaccination program.

Employees can also attend a CHG Clinic at Elizabeth Vale, Gillman and Mile End if they have missed out on the onsite vaccination. CHG can provide employers with ‘Influenza Vaccination’ vouchers to give to these individuals.