Health Expos

An interactive health and wellbeing experience

Staging a health expo in your workplace is a great way to offer information, tips and encouragement on the topics of good health and wellbeing to your workforce.

Promote the message of good health and wellbeing

Health expos offer a memorable, hands-on experience for your team which is focused on improving the areas of health and wellbeing most relevant to your organisation.

CHG will work with you to design an expo tailored to your specific needs and budget. Health expos usually include a number of stations or stands and can comprise a range of different components, including:

  • Expo Bag per participant containing health information and ‘give-aways’
  • Health information displayed throughout the expo about medical screenings, skin protection, gender health and smoking
  • Consultation spaces for participants to discuss lifestyle balance with one of CHG’s experienced consultants
  • Topic-specific stations offering information and related services, including:
    • Healthy heart, including blood pressure, cholesterol and  glucose
    • Nutrition, including healthy cooking demonstrations and tastings
    • Back care, including postural assessments and individualised advice
    • Fitness, including practical demonstrations and individual fitness advice
    • Body composition, including counselling on successful shape management

CHG can also work with community organisations and current government initiatives centred on health and wellbeing to promote positive messages and provide referrals.

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