The Movement Project

Movement and pedometer programs

Promote job productivity and team health by combating physical inactivity.

Target sedentary behaviour with The Movement Project

Physical inactivity causes a wide range of health issues, including increasing the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and many types of cancer. Yet almost 9 million Australian adults get less than the recommended minimum level of daily activity. Increasing physical activity can have positive impacts on a person’s health and their capacity to perform.

If physical inactivity is a problem in your workplace, CHG can work with you to get your people moving through our Movement Project and add-on programs.

The Movement Project commences with a workshop to motivate staff to work together to increase levels of general activity. This onsite seminar offers information about the importance of moving our bodies and the health impacts of inactivity. Weekly email notifications offering health tips and encouraging healthy behaviours are then distributed to all participants throughout the full duration of the program.

Increase employee engagement with our step challenge

Designed by CHG’s exercise physiologists and medical practitioners, the step challenge distributes pedometers or the latest in wearable technology to all participants to track activity. This premium add-on to The Movement Project incorporates recommendations from key Australian health agencies and offers tangible encouragement to increase uptake.

All our step programs can sync with the latest in wearable technology including Apple watches, Fitbit and Strava. Ask us about our corporate partnerships and discounts.

CHG can manage your challenges online, running leader boards and setting weekly challenges to suit a variety of health and wellbeing goals (eg sleep, nutrition, hydration and stress). All online programs have a comprehensive reporting option.

Both The Movement Project and step challenges can be run over a number of weeks or months and can be tailored to meet your workplace health and wellbeing objectives.

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