Our Vision and History

We strive to be the number one choice for improving the health and well-being of the Australian workforce. Partnering with our clients, our goal is to make a difference in people’s working lives by; improving well-being, preventing injury, increasing health and safety awareness, and restoring and maintaining health.

In 2016 CHG proudly celebrated 40 years of creating and maintaining safe and healthy Australian workplaces. At CHG, we have continuously evolved our services to meet the changing needs of businesses and their people. While our values, our vision and our approach to business are all embedded in our history, they are also nurtured to continue to grow over time.

Since 1976, CHG has expanded our range of services significantly with the ultimate goal of providing our clients with the full continuum of care from recruitment to retirement.

CHG remains the only South Australian provider to offer a truly comprehensive suite of services in health promotion, education, training, injury prevention and management.

We are proud to work in partnership with our clients to deliver sustainable solutions as a one-stop shop for everything a business needs to create and maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

Our Capabilities

We can help you make a difference in people’s working lives.

For over 40 years, CHG have operated a highly successful and sustainable occupational health business. Over this time, we have gained extensive experience in the management of medical and allied health personnel and facilities and have worked with more than 10,000 large, medium and small employers across Australia, delivering primary health care services, injury management and occupational rehabilitation in both clinic-based and workplace settings.

We continue to partner with our clients to make a difference in people’s working lives by improving well-being, preventing injury, increasing health and safety awareness and restoring and maintaining health.

We provide a continuum of care to support employers and their people by helping to create a safe and healthy workplace throughout the employment cycle:

CHG Willness Graph

CHG’s continuum of care: we partner throughout the employment cycle. 

Our Professional Team

Our committed and experienced strategic leadership team members primarily work from our head office in Mile End.

Our shareholders all contribute to the success of CHG; either by working directly in the business in service delivery or leadership roles, or by supporting the professional development of our staff through training and mentoring.

  • Kay Neil


    Kay holds responsibility for setting the organisational strategic direction...
  • John Wyett


    An occupational physician, John pioneered the concept of multi-disciplinary...
  • Sam (Sandra) Schirmer

    Director of Clinical Services

    Sam has been responsible for the overall direction of the organisation’s...
  • Jason Edwards

    National Finance & Operations Manager

    Jason has overseen CHG finance since 1999 and CHG Defence finance since CHG...
  • Sarah Stephens

    HR Business Partner

    Sarah is responsible for the provision of strategic and operational human...
  • Thang Vuong

    Director of Medical Services

    Dr Vuong is a CHG Shareholder and Director.  He has more than 10 years’...
  • Paul McEvoy

    National Medical Manager

    Paul joined CHG in January 2010 and has more than 15 years experience in...