Heart Health Seminar (Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Prevention)

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of premature death in Australia; its health and economic burden exceeding any other disease. This seminar focusses on cardiovascular health and diabetes by detailing preventable risk factors, including smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insufficient physical activity, obesity and poor nutrition. We explore how preventative measures can have benefits that go beyond cardiovascular health. The seminar investigates differences in risks between gender and age, while providing information on appropriate medical screenings. The presentation is run by our experienced CHG Health Promotion Consultants, specifically designed to be interactive and practical.

The main aims of this workshop are to:

  • Provide practical lifestyle tips
  • Provide the latest information and recommendations
  • Assist participants in implementing knowledge they currently have in practical ways

Contact the Health Promotion Team for more information.

Gender Health Seminar (Men’s and Women’s Health)

Men’s Health Workshop

In a comfortable and fun environment, the major areas of health concerning Australian men are discussed by a male presenter. Heart disease, male cancers and mental health are all addressed, as well as encouraging men to be proactive about their health by maintaining regular contact with a GP. The session can be customised to include any other health topics as requested.

Women’s Health Workshop

In a fun, informal and engaging session, all the major health issues that impact women are discussed, such as arthritis, depression, osteoporosis, eating disorders and cancer. The session also covers various stages of life, including menopause, and encourages women to think more holistically about their health. The seminar can be tailored to suit the needs of your group.

Please contact the Health Promotion Team for more information.

Heat Stress and Sun Awareness Seminar

This 60 or 90 minute session aims to educate participants on heat stress, and skin cancer awareness and prevention.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • What heat stress is (signs, symptoms and stages)
  • First aid for heat stress
  • Various types of skin cancers
  • Risk factors (lifestyle, environment and genetics)
  • Self-examination
  • Treatment options
  • Prevention

Contact the Health Promotion Team for more information.

Healthy Ageing Seminar

This 60 minute workshop looks at important health considerations for those above 40 years of age, encouraging participants to be proactive about their health. The seminar aims to increase understanding of how small lifestyle changes can greatly influence a healthy ageing process.

Important topics covered in this session include:

  • The big issues for over 40s (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis)
  • The ageing process (what happens and how we can delay it)
  • Exercise and ageing (the elixir of youth)
  • Practical tips for ageing healthily

 Please contact the Health Promotion Team for more information.

Mind Your Wellbeing (Workplace Mental Health Initiative)

Facilitating psychological wellbeing in your workplace is a collaborative effort, involving both organisational commitment and the engagement of employees. Mind Your Wellbeing is a program that aims to educate your employees on mental health, by providing tools to enhance their personal wellbeing. CHG will present the latest findings in this field, with a focus on positive psychology and preventing psychological disorders. This initiative includes a workshop delivered by a CHG Psychologist or Social Workers with a pre and post de-identified survey, a 6-week electronic support package, and company reporting.

 Please contact the Health Promotion Team for more information.

CHG are continuously looking to improve our services, and are pleased to present to you, our InBody Scanner!

This scanner uses state of the art body composition analysis to monitor your health, reach your fitness goals, and improve your quality of life.

Using an InBody Scanner, you can find out your:

  • Body Comp Analysis (total body water, protein, minerals and body fat mass)
  • Muscle-Fat Analysis (weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass)
  • Calculated Analysis (BMI, Percent Body Fat)
  • Segmental Lean Analysis (R and L Arm, Trunk, R and L Leg)
  • Body Water Analysis
  • Weight Control
  • Body Balance Evaluation
  • Segmental Circumferences
  • Visceral Fat Level
  • History (comparison between previous scans)

This service is included in all Executive Health Evaluations, as well as being available for the Empowering Health and Fitness clients and individuals.

If you would like further information or to book a scan for yourself, please contact the Health Promotion Team.