Update 17 October 2022

CHG is a health care facility and as such we confirm;

The requirement for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for people who work in health care settings continues and includes two initial doses and a booster of a TGA approved COVID-19 vaccine.

All CHG staff are compliant with this direction.

For clarity this requirement extends to all people engaging in work in health care settings, such as employers, case managers and suppliers (e.g. delivery drivers, maintenance personnel, cleaners and caterers) visiting the clinic as part of their work “duties” or anyone providing CHG with a service.

Anyone attending a CHG Clinic to receive a service (e.g. injured workers, NDIS clients, PEM candidates, training participants etc.) are exempt from this direction.  If you are unclear how this applies to you and your next attendance at a CHG clinic please contact our team via

CHG staff will continue to wear masks and adhere to isolation requirements to protect at risk patients, clients and to meet our duty of care to our people.

CHG clients and visitors will be asked to wear masks wherever possible and will not be able to attend face to face appointments if they are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms.

Asymptomatic clients will be asked not to attend face to face appointments for at least 5 days after they have a COVID positive result.

Teleconference and video-conference appointments remain available if you are seeing a medical practitioner, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, exercise physiologist and psychologist.  These can be accessed at the clients preference or if a client is unable to attend a face to face appointment should they be COVID positive or displaying cold and flu like symptoms.

CHG will continue to provide alcohol based hand-rub for clients and visitors to assist in maintaining hygienic clinics.  We will also maintain cleaning practices.