Holding a health expo in your workplace is a great way to offer information, tips and encouragement to your employees regarding their personal wellbeing. Our CHG health expos can offer a memorable, hands-on experience for your team, which focusses on improving the areas of health and wellbeing most relevant to your organisation.

CHG will work with you to design an expo tailored to your specific needs and budget. We can also work alongside community organisations and current government initiatives centred on health and wellbeing, to promote positive messages and provide referrals.

Health expos usually include various stations or stands and can offer a range of different components, including:

  • Topic-specific stations offering information and related services, including:
    • Heart health (blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose)
    • Nutrition (healthy cooking demonstrations and tastings)
    • Back care (postural assessments and individualised advice)
    • Fitness (practical demonstrations and individual fitness advice)
    • Body composition (counselling on successful shape management)
  • Expo bags for participants, containing health information and ‘give-aways’
  • Health information displayed throughout the expo about medical screenings, skin protection, gender health and smoking
  • Consultation spaces for participants to discuss lifestyle balance with one of CHG’s experienced consultants

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Calendar

Creating a healthy workplace culture is one of the most effective ways you can look after the wellbeing of your team. CHG can help by arranging health and wellbeing programs across the calendar year. The calendar will detail all structured company initiatives including scheduled health assessments, vaccinations and any other novelty wellbeing programs, such as our Step Up Pedometer Challenge. These initiatives can be further supported with low or no-cost health awareness days. We can provide a number of health and wellbeing service options for you to include in your 12-month calendar.

10 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

CHG’s 10-Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge encourages healthy eating and exercise habits through an engaging and easy-to-follow program. Developed by a multidisciplinary team of dieticians and exercise physiologists, the challenge is a great way to guide and encourage healthy habits among your staff. The 10 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge can be tailored to focus on specific areas important to your organisation, and can be paired with onsite health assessments to help set targets and monitor program effectiveness.

The Movement Project

Almost 9 million Australian adults get less than the recommended minimum level of daily activity. Physical inactivity can cause a wide range of health issues, including increasing the risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and many types of cancer. Increasing physical activity can have positive impacts on a person’s health and performance both inside and outside of the workplace.

The Movement Project is an onsite seminar, aiming to educate staff on the health impacts of a sedentary lifestyle, while motivating them to work together to increase their physical activity. Weekly email notifications offering health tips and encouraging healthy behaviours are distributed to all participants throughout the duration of the program. The Movement Project can be run over a number of weeks or months and can be tailored to meet your workplace health and wellbeing objectives.

Live Longer, Live Stronger

CHG’s Live Longer, Live Stronger program is a comprehensive functional capacity program created by our team of exercise physiologists and physiotherapists. Delivered by an experienced, interdisciplinary team, this workplace initiative takes an integrated approach to injury prevention. Adjusted to the needs of your team and organisation, CHG addresses injury risk factors relevant to specific job roles. The program can be paired with pre and post-program assessments and reporting, completed with an online health risk appraisal or onsite health assessment.

The program includes tailored components including:

  • Warming up
  • Mobility
  • Core stability
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Flexibility

Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

Healthy cooking demonstrations are conducted by CHG’s dietitians, focussing on healthy and simple food that is easy to prepare. The basic principle of this demonstration is to provide staff with the knowledge that healthy food can be cooked in a variety of ways and still taste great. Your employees will learn basic tips and tricks that can be utilised in daily cooking to improve their diet. Staff are able to watch and interact with the dietitian, sample the delicious and healthy food, and will receive a copy of all recipes to take home.

Other Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

  • Body composition stall: Provides awareness and counselling on healthy body composition. An individual’s body composition measurements (BMI, waist, and waist to hip ratio) can be analysed to explain the benefits of focussing on more than just weight.
  • Nutrition: Promotes healthy eating by providing ideas for simple, delicious, and budget-conscious meals. A CHG dietician will provide visual representations of the different amounts of fat, sugar and salt in foods. Consultations can be held to educate participants on reading food labels, or to address any other food and nutrition questions you or your employees may have.
  • Fitness: CHG assesses and consults individuals on their fitness levels, while promoting the importance of exercise. We can conduct a 9 minute, sub-maximal, bike-based fitness test to gauge individual aerobic fitness for participants. Using the Wattbike, alongside specialised computer software, participants can obtain a predicted V02 max score.
  • Strength and flexibility: CHG can measure an individual’s strength and flexibility and provide advice on how to better these results. Grip strength can be tested, measuring the maximum isometric strength of the hand and forearm muscles. Flexibility tests involve a quick, easy and non-invasive back fitness test to produce a ‘score’ of the individual’s flexibility and core strength. Individuals receive on-the-spot information, education and strategies for how they can improve their back fitness. Handouts demonstrating stretches and exercises can be provided as required.
  • Lung function assessment: Spirometry screens can be conducted to identify any lung abnormalities. This screen may be used as a motivational tool for smokers and physically inactive individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices. If tests produce any high-risk results, relevant referrals can be provided.
  • Visual screening: Our visual screenings can observe a range of testing criteria. If any abnormalities in an individual’s vision are identified, relevant referrals can be provided.
  • Bowel cancer screening: CHG can provide your employees with optional bowel cancer screening kits. Promoting bowel cancer awareness in your workplace can

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