In 2023, Australia experienced an unusually early onset of influenza, as the flu season commenced in March and reached its peak during May-June. This early flu season serves as a reminder to take proactive measures and get your flu vaccinations in early during 2024.

The number of laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza in Australia in 2023 was much higher than in 2022. The 2024 flu season is on track to be similar to the 2019 season, which was the largest influenza season on record in Australia. There were over 108,000 recorded flu cases in 2023. Vaccination is the best way to reduce the risk of getting the flu and its possible complications. Being vaccinated builds immunity to the virus and helps prevent transmission of the virus to others.

The Australian Immunisation Register reported nearly 8.7 million vaccinations administered from March to July 2023. Don’t miss out in 2024!
The 2024 Quadrivalent Flu Vaccination protects against 4 strains including2A strains and 2B strains indicated by research as most likely to spread and cause illness among Australians during the upcoming flu season.

Online booking process:

There are 3 options for managing your onsite flu vaccination booking.

  1. Employer Online bookings – co-ordinator to book times for their team – individuals to complete the consent form online (email address required)
  2. Employee Online bookings – individuals to book their own times and complete the Flu vaccination consent form online (email address required)
  3. Manual bookings- co-ordinator to book times for their team and provide each person with a paper Flu vaccination consent to be completed and brought to their appointment.

If you have any questions regarding the new booking process please email

CHG is holding fees at the same rates again in 2024.

Influenza vaccination programs are an important, proactive investment in the health and wellbeing of your employees, your business and our community. As a long standing provider of workplace flu vaccinations, we have extensive experience in planning and delivering seasonal influenza vaccination programs. We have developed a robust National Influenza Program framework, based on existing clinical protocols, procedures and risk management systems, which allows us to effectively deliver influenza vaccinations to even the largest scale needs.

CHG nurses administer vaccines at your workplace.

For a fixed price per person, our qualified nursing team will travel to your workplace and undertake the necessary pre-screening and administration of the vaccine. CHG’s nurses are fully qualified Registered Nurses with immunisation training, CPR certificates and First Aid certificates. We will provide promotional material to promote participation in your onsite influenza vaccination program, and offer prizes for participation. Employees who miss out on the onsite vaccination day can be issued a ‘voucher’ to attend a CHG Clinic, invoiced back to the employer.

Ready to book?

Booking can be made via the link here.