Workplace Gender Employment Agency, Employer Statement

We acknowledge the important role the Workplace Gender Equality Agency plays in seeking to narrow the pay gap between men and women. However, we feel publishing remuneration figures without explanation doesn’t accurately depict gender equality in our organisation. In particular, given the intent of the measurement, it doesn’t provide an analysis of our salaries based on people’s roles, only gender, which is misleading and may project a negative view of our organisation’s commitment to gender equality.


CHG’s current senior leadership team is 50 per cent female and 50 per cent male. Our managers are 69 per cent female and 31 per cent male. Everyone in our organisation undertaking the same roles is paid the same amount regardless of gender. Unfortunately, the WGEA’s figures in relation to CHG are significantly skewed by the fact we currently employ more male medical practitioners who, by the nature of their role, responsibilities, and qualifications command higher salaries.


Kay Neill