Visitor Information

What you need to know about your visit with us, such as finding us:

We have multiple locations, so please check the address for your appointment carefully. You can find all our location details (including maps) on our contact page. 

Public transport options for our 2 Mile End buildings:
  • Nearest train station is Mile End (230m from Mile End Clinic / 1km from CHG Consultancy Services and Head Office)
  • Nearest bus stop for both of our Mile End buildings coming from the East / city is Stop 2 Henley Beach Road – South Side.
  • Nearest bus stops coming from the West are Stop 1 Henley Beach Road- North Side (for Mile End Clinic) and Stop 2 Henley Beach Road – North Side (for 69 Henley Beach Road)
Supervision of children

CHG staff are not able to care for dependents or children whilst you are attending an appointment.  There are a number of safety issues for unsupervised children in a clinic environment.  In addition, children present in a consulting room can cause distractions which may negatively impact the effectiveness of your assessment or treatment.

Use of Interpreters

If English is not your first language, be assured that CHG welcomes the attendance of interpreters.  If possible, please notify us of their attendance in advance.  We can assist by providing contact details to interpreting service providers; please enquire when you make your appointment.

Treatment Services

Medical and Allied Health Appointments

If your consultation relates to a work-related injury or health problem, our clinical staff may ask details about your work environment. This will assist our team to understand the cause and the potential effects of your injury or illness.  Please inform our staff of any health issues which may impact on your treatment.

Preparing for CHG Clinic Mile End gym and pool/hydrotherapy  use

Both the pool and gym are supervised by a registered physiotherapist. Please bring appropriate swimwear/exercise clothing and footwear for your appointment. We have showers and change facilities onsite.

Payment for treatment services

As our treatment services relate to compensable injuries, the costs are normally borne by the relevant employer, compensable authority or insurer. If the costs for your assessment are not paid by an insurer or employer then you will be personally responsible for payment. If you have an accepted claim then please bring your claim number, name and contact details of your appointed case manager.  If you do not yet have an approved claim then your employer may have taken responsibility for the costs until such time as your claim is approved.  In these situations, please bring the name and contact details of your approving manager. Each of our Clinics have a HiCaps machine onsite for immediate processing of private health insurance claims.  If you hold a Department of Veterans Affairs gold card please discuss payment options and eligibility with our staff prior to your appointment.

Assessment Services

Pre-employment assessments

CHG specialises in tailoring our assessments to employer needs so the specific duration and components vary from client to client.  It is likely you will see multiple health professionals as part of your assessment. The potential employer or our Customer Service Centre staff will be able to discuss with you what your assessment will include.

For all pre-employment assessments you are required to:

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time, to allow time to complete medical paperwork and documentation
  • Bring photographic identification*. Failure to provide this on arrival may render us unable to proceed with your assessment as scheduled
  • Wear/bring any prescription glasses, as vision testing (which is often undertaken in a pre employment medical) can be performed while you wear them

Please be aware you may be asked to produce a urine sample whilst onsite.

*Government issued, such as drivers licence, passport, proof of age card or firearms licence.

Functional  assessments

For all functional assessment, you should wear comfortable clothing and you will be required have enclosed shoes (no sandals, peep-toe or flip-flops).

Payment for assessment services

Many, but not all, employers will pay for pre-employment assessments undertaken at their request.  If the costs for your assessment are not paid by an insurer or employer then you will be personally responsible for payment.